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What's Your Epic Dash?

The Journey Is The Destination

Coaching to empower a life well lived.
Present. Connected. Purposeful.


Live Life By Design And Not By Default.

An Epic Dash is the dash between birth and death dates. The journey along the path of life.

What you make of it…is up to you!

You’ve been juggling the world. Life sure has a lot of moving parts. Somewhere along the way one or many of the balls… dropped.

It wasn’t intentional. It rarely is.

But now, you’re left feeling stuck in a situation, a life, a career you didn’t choose or that’s become stale. Your Epic Dash feels… well, less than epic.

Let’s change that, shall we?

Meet Your Coach

My Name is Lynn and I’ll be your Coach. Your Guide. Your Epic-Ignition.

Together we’ll explore how you got here and more importantly… how you get to whatever vision you have of an Epic Dash kinda life.

Whether it’s supercharging your business, amplifying your relationships, or reconnection to self - I’ve got you.

Every step of the way back to… you.


Hannah’s Coaching Experience

“Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together, Lynn helped me clarify my thoughts on my life direction and identify what I need to do to move forward. She’s my secret weapon.”

3 Steps To Changing Your Life

Step 1

Schedule a call and let’s talk about what’s getting your way.


Step 2

Talk about your step-by-step plan to get you started on the right path.

Virtual coaching sessions and homework will aid you in getting real and clear on your life blockers and work to overcome them.

Step 3

Enjoy your new lease on life. Feel more confident and energized to living your best self.

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Note: We provide coaching services for women who are ready to change their life through personal development. We are not mental health professionals and cannot diagnose or provide treatment for a mental illness, nor provide advice on medications. If you are struggling to cope with a mental illness, your best first step would be a doctor, therapist or psychologist.